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Why Buy From Us

Why Buy Kia

Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, being thousands less than the competition, and the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty, here are a few other reasons why you should buy a Kia.

American Made!

First off, a lot of Kia's are American Made right here in the US at our West Point Georgia plant. These plants brought 10,000 jobs to the US, and right at a time when we needed them!

Designed in California

Kia's are designed in California at a state of the art design studio by Peter Schreyer - the legend who was designing Audi's and Lamborghini's before he took over at Kia. Now he enjoys being able to dial in the entire Kia lineup to his exacting specs.

Get in Ahead of the Curve

Regardless of how good your product is, Consumer perspective always trails by about 4 years. So even though Kia's are winning awards left and right - like an amazing 4 of 10 consumer digest best buys - all in the same year, and KBB's lowest cost of ownership - they're still low priced, and you might be one of the first of your friends to get them.

Fastest Growing Car Brand

With all this in mind - its no surprise that Kia has become the fastest growing car company, selling its first million cars in a fraction of the time it took Honda & Toyota, Mercedes - and everyone else for that matter. And it is thanks to people like you, that want to step into an exciting new brand - before everyone else on the block has one

Why buy a Kia from the Kia Store? Well that's easy, let's answer that in David Letterman Top 10 style:

  • 10) Because a family owned & operated car dealership means we really care
  • 9) The Best Value for the New Economy
  • 8) $200 Referrals can scalp a UofL / UK ticket. Well, almost.
  • 7) Kia was named KBB's Lowest Cost of Ownership
  • 6) Kia's made up a record 4 of 10 Consumer's Digest Top Picks - in the same year!
  • 5) Designed in California by former Audi / Lamborghini Design Guru
  • 4) Insane Fuel Efficiency = Insanely Less excuse to buy gross gas station coffee
  • 3) Many Kias are Made in America, at the West Point, GA Manufacturing Plant
  • 2) Saving Thousands means you can Spend Thousands - Elsewhere!
  • 1) Cars as unique as you are!

  • Folks, you are timing the Kia brand perfectly - the product has surpassed the competition, while the prices are still absolute bargains. The styling makes your heart skip a beat, but the masses are still far from catching on. This is the product that is as unique as you are - pick out the model that speaks to your soul, and then dial in the options to make a car as unique as you are!

    This is where the fun begins, because we also tailor the sales process to you! Do you prefer to have the car brought to you? No problem, we'll bring it to your home or work. Do you prefer for us to send you your options via email with video walkarounds? No problem. Would you like to set an appointment, so that when you show up, the car is waiting for you? Lets go! We really are striving to meet each customer where they are, and to roll out the red carpet to make your car selecting process as enjoyable as it can be. It all starts here - find the car that you think suits your needs and click "I'm Interested." We'll contact you however you'd like and walk you through each step of the way. What are you waiting for - fill out a form today to get started