Meet Lindsay

How did you become spokeswoman for The Kia Store?

I stumbled into my relationship with Kia when visiting a childhood friend in Louisville back in 2007. I hadn’t seen my friend in 5 years so we randomly scheduled a long weekend trip to hang out and catch up. During my visit, I met a bunch of her friends, had a blast getting to know Louisville, and also learned how to properly say it! A few months later, I got a call from Chapman who said they were looking for someone to do a shoot for the website and he wondered if I’d be interested. I said absolutely! I had never done anything similar before, but it sounded like a fun opportunity. When they asked me to shoot some TV spots, I was so excited, but also nervous – I get a little stage fright sometimes, believe it or not. Long story short, it evolved from a couple of website shoots to my now monthly trips, and I’m grateful for every opportunity I get to represent The Kia Stores.

Have you done any other commercial work in the past? What about other acting jobs?

Aside from an elementary school play and a church play called Rock Nativity in high school, I’ve never done any other commercial or acting work. I’m actually quite the academic nerd, and spent a lot of my post-college years working my way through graduate school with research work.

You’ve been the Kia Store Lady for years now. We’ve seen you dressed as a school teacher, a referee, even lead a group in something like the Harlem Shake. What’s your favorite Kia Store commercial so far?

Hands down one of my favorite spots was shooting the Star Wars themed spots awhile back. I had to wear a brown wig with the Princess Leia buns, and we didn’t have anywhere else to put the microphone, so they hid it in one of the buns. I was creeping across the green screen with a spray painted laser gun prop and a “mic”ed hair piece. The team got a good laugh out of that one!

Did the Kia Store give you a free pet hamster with the popularity of the Soul commercials?

This question made me laugh. No, but I’m okay with that. I grew up working at a pet store and wanting to be a vet, so I’ve had my share of pet rodents. I grew up with mice, gerbils, and actually rescued a pair of pet rats in college!

Which is your favorite Kia?

Tough question! I’ll have to go with the Sportage. I like a sleek and sporty SUV that’s on the smaller side but still spacious. I have to have room for our dog (my copilot when my husband isn’t around) to be able to hop in for a ride, and places to toss in muddy sports gear, groceries, etc.

Is advertising for the Kia store a full time gig or do you have another job as well?

Kia is just a part-time gig, but definitely my favorite. Full-time, I work for a company that focuses on improving the workplace for thousands of companies across the country, and also serve a life coach for teenagers and young adults on the side. I like to keep busy and work in a variety of different settings.

Who’s the better spokesperson- you or Blake Griffin. Do you play sports? Do you think you could beat Blake in any sports?

I bet Blake would have looked better in that Princess Leia costume! I’ve dabbled in rugby, rowing, and soccer, and continue to play for a women’s soccer team and run adventure races like the Tough Mudder to keep fit and active. I’ve been known to throw a mean rugby tackle, but I’m pretty sure Blake would come out on top with any athletic comparisons.

What’s your favorite part about being the face of the Kia store? Any celebrity perks that come with the job?

There’s so many things I love about it. It’s an honor to represent the company and brand, and shooting the commercial spots are a blast. Growing up a “tom boy”, I still lack serious hair and makeup skills, so it’s a big perk to have someone help with that!

Who are your role models?

Definitely my parents. They’re very different personalities but both have always been incredibly driven, encouraging, and supportive. I’m blessed to have such great role models who have been such a constant presence in my life.

Do you see yourself working as the Kia Store spokesperson for a while? What other accomplishments would you like to achieve in the future?

I sure hope so! I’ll stick around as long as they’ll have me. I’m about to take on one of the biggest challenges I’m sure I’ll ever face – becoming a parent! I hope I can accomplish becoming a great mom with this new adventure.

You have a magnetic and bubbly personality. Did working as a spokesperson come naturally to you or is it harder than it looks?

It was certainly awkward at first. You see people on television and they look so natural, but then when I tried it, I was incredibly self-conscious of my gestures, walking, annunciation, and so on, especially in front of people you may not know who are recording you. I have plenty of mess ups, and I’m surprised Kia has not yet put out a “bloopers” reel!